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Statement on Internews Ukraine’s policies regarding Internet freedom and protection of digital rights in Ukraine

Five years ago, back in 2016, Internews Ukraine was one of the first NGOs to launch a new direction of its activities – the protection of the free Internet in Ukraine, implementing its first projects and advocating Internet freedom.

Antibot : How to Expose Information Manipulation?

How does one track bots and expose manipulations? What technical and intellectual resources are needed for this? You will receive the answers to these questions during the three-day training «Antibot: How to Expose Information Manipulation?» organised by Internews Ukraine.

Why Conspiratorial Propaganda Works and What We Can Do About It

Conspiratorial propaganda is increasingly used by mainstream political actors to undermine democratic values and institutions. Conspiracy theories about the philanthropist George Soros flourish across the world, as do fake stories about secret medical experiments run by “deep state” Western powers.

Belarus in peril: Statement by Ukrainian NGOs

We, the representatives of the NGOs, appeal to national and international designated institutions about the danger that has befallen the Belarusian people and the state of Belarus, and the threat of authoritarianism looming over the whole of Europe.

Mountain Breeze Documentary Won Pitch UA 3 Contest

A documentary film Mountain Breeze by Internews Ukraine won the Pitch UA 3 contest in the «Russian-language Content: Connect the Disconnected» section.

Presentation of the findings of the Mapping Research: Russian Influence in Belarus

Internews Ukraine, in cooperation with the European Values Center for Security Policy, is hosting an online presentation of the findings of the Mapping Research: Russian Influence in Belarus.

#PrisonersVoice at the goEast Film Festival

A documentary film, created within the Internews Ukraine project #PrisonersVoice, gained the Honorable Mention of the Open Frame Award at the international goEast Film Festival.

Ukrainian Regional Media Guide 2021

Internews Ukraine presents the Ukrainian Regional Media Guide 2021 — an English-language overview of Ukraine's regional media landscape with the most up-to-date information on more than 400 media outlets in all Ukraine regions, including the temporarily occupied territories.

NGOs unite to tell more about Ukraine

The world frequently associates Ukraine with negative things – war, corruption, Chornobyl, and other matters that form a negative image of the country and undermine trust as well as respect to it.

Divide and Fool: 2020 Ukraine's Local Elections in Social Media

The 2020 local elections have once again demonstrated the huge power of social media as a tool of political messaging. The amount and variety of political agitation on social media is at the very least equivalent to that in traditional mass media.