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Punishing the guilty: the crimes of Russia’s propagandists and military in Ukraine

On Thursday, May 25, Internews Ukraine will hold an expert panel discussion titled Punishing the guilty: the crimes of Russia's propagandists and military Ukraine" with the support of the National Democratic Institute.

Ukraine: Resilience of Communications and the Internet During War

On Friday, May 26, 2023, the conference "Ukraine: Resilience of Communications and the Internet During War", organized by NGO “Internews Ukraine” together with the Canadian non-governmental organization eQualitie with the support of the Ministry of Digital Transformation.

Ukraine's Artistic Response to the Russian Invasion

On June 2-9, 2023, the EU Delegation to Ukraine is inviting 20 artists from EU member states and Ukraine to participate in a cultural residence. It aims to reflect on Ukraine's cultural response to Russian aggression, emphasizes the place of Ukrainian culture within broader European culture, and highlights its uniqueness.

The Journalists’ Work during Martial Law: How to Find a Balance between Freedom and Security

The purpose of the event is to find the most effective mechanisms for operations of media professionals during the war, which would allow journalists to perform their work well.

Response to Russian Violence: Prospects of the Most Damaged Territorial Communities of Ukraine

Internews Ukraine is organizing an online conference with representatives of Ukrainian local authorities on 9 March (Wednesday).

Antibot : How to Expose Information Manipulation?

How does one track bots and expose manipulations? What technical and intellectual resources are needed for this? You will receive the answers to these questions during the three-day training «Antibot: How to Expose Information Manipulation?» organised by Internews Ukraine.

Why Conspiratorial Propaganda Works and What We Can Do About It

Conspiratorial propaganda is increasingly used by mainstream political actors to undermine democratic values and institutions. Conspiracy theories about the philanthropist George Soros flourish across the world, as do fake stories about secret medical experiments run by “deep state” Western powers.

Presentation of the findings of the Mapping Research: Russian Influence in Belarus

Internews Ukraine, in cooperation with the European Values Center for Security Policy, is hosting an online presentation of the findings of the Mapping Research: Russian Influence in Belarus.

Trolls vs the West

Internews Ukraine and invite you to the online event Trolls against the West: Who Is Spreading Anti-Western Propaganda in Ukraine, How and Why

How is Ukrainian Regional Media Surviving in the Coronacrisis?

On July 9th, Internews Ukraine presents a report on how the coronacrisis has influenced the Ukrainian regional media – both the challenges it has brought and how regional media have responded.