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The return of accomplices of pro-Russian propaganda to Ukrainian television broadcasts is unacceptable

We call on Ukraine's National Security and Defense Council and National Council of Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine to prevent the return of accomplices of pro-Russian propaganda to Ukrainian television.

The media project has no relation to the Ukraine World News TV channel

The NGO Internews Ukraine, which launched the platform in 2014, strongly condemns attempts to use its recognized and respected brand, which has earned trust, authority, and popularity among the international community.

The national platform Nadiyno will help Ukrainians with digital security

On November 8, Internews Ukraine presented the online platform Nadiyno, a free tool to support Ukrainians in digital security.

Comic book from the ARTIFAKE project wins award in European competition

The comic book "ARTI VS FAKE Part 1: News Factory" from the Internews Ukraine won in the category "Media Freedom and Responsible Reporting" of Emerging Europe Awards 2022.

The Journalists’ Work during Martial Law: How to Find a Balance between Freedom and Security

The purpose of the event is to find the most effective mechanisms for operations of media professionals during the war, which would allow journalists to perform their work well.

Open letter to media professionals who cover Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

We ask you to correctly indicate Russia’s role in the war with the wording “Russia’s war in Ukraine” and/or “Russian invasion of Ukraine”, especially in captions, headlines, leads and hashtags.

The Situation in Ukraine's Most Damaged Communities

Amid the indiscriminate bombing of civilians and civilian infrastructure, Ukrainian cities at the center of Russia’s war on Ukraine are urging the West to establish a no-fly zone over the territory of Ukraine.

Response to Russian Violence: Prospects of the Most Damaged Territorial Communities of Ukraine

Internews Ukraine is organizing an online conference with representatives of Ukrainian local authorities on 9 March (Wednesday).

Statement on Internews Ukraine’s policies regarding Internet freedom and protection of digital rights in Ukraine

Five years ago, back in 2016, Internews Ukraine was one of the first NGOs to launch a new direction of its activities – the protection of the free Internet in Ukraine, implementing its first projects and advocating Internet freedom.

Antibot : How to Expose Information Manipulation?

How does one track bots and expose manipulations? What technical and intellectual resources are needed for this? You will receive the answers to these questions during the three-day training «Antibot: How to Expose Information Manipulation?» organised by Internews Ukraine.