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Memocracy: What role social networks played in Ukraine’s parliamentary vote

To see how narratives about Ukraine's political parties have changed before and after the elections, we analyzed the Ukrainian segment of the three most popular social networks.

What Facebook, Instagram, VK users are saying about the parliamentary race

We analyzed the three most popular social networks in Ukraine, Facebook, Instagram and VK, to understand what they’re saying about the Ukrainian elections.

Appeal of media NGOs to Ukraine's presidential candidates regarding the debates

We urge both candidates to take part in TV debates in the studio of the National Public TV and Radio Company of Ukraine. It is exactly this kind of debates financed by the state budget is envisaged by Article 62 of the Law “On Elections of the President of Ukraine”.

What Russian Social Network VK Says About Ukrainian Election

Data research analysts studied 1 mln profiles of the Ukrainian segment of VK and almost 10 mln posts to understand: what is going on here ahead of the Ukrainian elections

Destabilization of public broadcasting before the elections is inadmissible

Internews Ukraine is deeply concerned about early termination of the contract with Zurab Alasania, Chairman of the Board at the National Public Broadcasting Company of Ukraine (UA:PBC).

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Internews Ukraine Is Changing: Here’s Our New Look

We are moving forward so that we can meet challenges posed by the digital age. Our new corporate style, with its minimalistic design, reflects the way we communicate: brief, accurate, and convincing.