Trolls vs the West

Internews Ukraine and invite you to the online event Trolls against the West: Who Is Spreading Anti-Western Propaganda in Ukraine, How and Why

When? Friday, 25 September, 16.00 Kyiv time (15.00 CEST, 9.00 EDT)

How can I attend?

  • Zoom (please register to get a link to the event, language - English).


Anti-Western propaganda is growing in Ukraine.Its major “information fighters” are linked to pro-Russian and oligarchic forces. They are spreading messages that Ukraine is under “external governance” and is being controlled by “Western curators”.They are pushing Ukrainian society towards the idea that Ukraine’s EU and NATO integration is the biggest threat to the country’s independence - even bigger than Russian tanks.

Internews Ukraine and UkraineWorld are regularly following their narratives.

These anti-Western actors have huge armies of online supporters. In our new study, we analyze whether these armies of supporters consist of real people or bots.

During the event, we will present takeaways from our project “Fake Fans: How Anti-Western Actors in Ukraine and Russia are Using Troll Armies to Push Their Agenda”.


  • Volodymyr Yermolenko, analytics director at Internews Ukraine, chief editor at, Ukrainian philosopher, journalist and writer;
  • Vitaliy Rybak, analyst at Internews Ukraine;
  • Robert van der Noordaa, Dutch investigative journalist, founder of;
  • Barbora Maronkova, Director of the NATO Information and Documentation Centre in Ukraine.

Contact person:, tel. + 38 099 067 73 75.