Parliamentary Update – September 12-19, 2022

Parliamentary News

The Supreme Court confirmed banning the Opposition Platform for life political party.

According to the press service of Ukraine’s Security Service, Ukraine’s Supreme court rejected an appeal of the party regarding its ban. Thus, the decision marks the official ban of the political party “The Opposition Platform for Life”.

VRU Speaker Ruslan Stefanchuk: Germany could help Ukraine with the approximation of Ukrainian legislation to EU Law.

During his meeting with the President of the German Bundestag, Bärbel Bas, Ruslan Stefanchuk expressed his gratitude for the invitation to join the meeting of heads of parliaments of the G7 countries, and for the leading position in granting Ukraine the status of a candidate for the European Union. "Ukraine and, in particular, the Verkhovna Rada are currently doing everything to implement all the recommendations of the European Commission this year and start negotiations on EU membership," said Ruslan Stefanchuk. He also emphasized that Germany could help adapt Ukraine’s legislation to European legislation.

Program News

For 27 weeks, USAID RADA: Next Generation Program has been assisting Ukraine’s Parliament in its external communication within the Communication Task Force of the VRU Secretariat,

mainly through narrative development and info production for social media, both in English and Ukraine daily. Program’s team disseminated an English-language issue of the information digest “Parliaments on the Frontline” among 18 900 members of foreign parliaments.

Program helped VRU learn about the Czech Parliament's role in the European integration process while meeting with representatives of the Parliamentary Institute.

At the meeting with the Parliamentary Institute, which is the research, and advisory institution of the Czech Parliament, more than 70 participants from VRU committees learned about the main challenges for the parliament in terms of European integration, parliament’s role in the process of harmonizing domestic legislation with the EU’s one. The Czech counterparts put specific emphasis on the role of an advisory institution to the parliament in the aforementioned processes. The meeting helped launch cooperation between the Ukrainian and Czech parliaments.

Program’s online training on strategic communication helped MPs strengthen communication with constituents.

On September 13-15, USAID Rada: Next Generation arranged the training that brought together MPs from Lviv, Chernihiv and Dnipropetrovsk regions. The Program provided practical tools for effective communication within the MPs team, and communication with various target groups: NGOs, professional communities, local governments, media.

Program facilitated the participation of MP, Pavlo Frolov in the world’s LegisTech Forum,

one of the most high-ranking conferences around the globe to discuss legislative modernization and digital transformation in Parliaments worldwide. Mr. Frolov focused on the digital transformations in the Parliament that were arranged with the help of USAID. He also emphasized that the normal operation of the Parliament would be impossible without ensuring proper digital tools’ implementation and an electronic document management system.

Program upcoming events

On September 23, 3pm, the Program will organize the presentation of the Law drafting offices (LDO) research,

conducted by the Westminster Foundation for Democracy for the legal issues VRU staff (law department, the VRU leadership). The representatives of the respective LDO will present the experience of South Africa and Scotland. The meeting will be available via the link:

You can access the brief overview of the research here.

On September 23-28, the Program will conduct a study visit of MPs and their teams (Iryna Konstankevych, Solomiia Bobrovska and Ihor Guz) and local government representatives from the Volyn and Rivne regions to Lithuania.

The main goal of the trip is for the delegation to get acquainted with the best practices, namely tools and approaches for interaction with voters, local governments, and non-governmental organizations; implementation of oversight and representative functions; methods of communication for the Members` of Parliament team; interaction with business, non-governmental organizations, local authorities and local self-governance bodies, media; cooperation in the humanitarian and energy fields.

On September 30, 3 pm, the Program will organize the presentation of the Post-Legislative Scrutiny paper

as a new approach to law implementation assessments and the oversight role of parliaments in Europe, a comparative research paper for VRU executed by USAID Rada: Next Generation.