New Ukraine-focused website in English launched

New web platform containing key information about Ukraine for international audience has been launched by UkraineWorld, a networking initiative.

The website is available here: It will be a library of key information about Ukraine, containing both background stories about Ukraine’s history and heritage, and overviews of recent developments. It is an additional tool of UkraineWorld Group, a communication platform for key Ukrainian and international analysts and journalists, launched by Internews Ukraine and its partners in 2014.

The website contains three main categories of publications:

The Ukraine’s Reforms category features analysis of various reforms conducted in Ukraine: both positive developments and drawbacks.

Articles from the Russian Aggression category explain developments around Russia’s aggression on Donbas and illegal annexation Crimea. They will cover broad analysis and snapshots of recent developments.

Explainers about Ukraine’s history, cultural and linguistic characteristics, today’s stories about Ukraine’s successes and problems may be found in the Ukraine: Key Facts category.

This website will be accumulating texts and analysis produced as a result of UkraineWorld Group discussions and debates. It will contain analysis of the most important developments in and around Ukraine. Some of the previous articles of the group are already archived on the website, while the new ones will be added soon.

Representatives of numerous Ukrainian organisations joined the Ukrainian part of UkraineWorld group. Most of these organizations also provide regular information in English and other languages about the situation in Ukraine. All these organisations can be found at Partners & Links page of the website.

If you are interested in joining the initiative, we kindly ask you to fill in this registration form.


UkraineWorld is an initiative aimed at bringing together key Ukrainian and international experts and journalists interested in Ukrainian issues, as well counteracting propaganda and disinformation. The initiative was proposed by Internews Ukraine in 2014 and supported by key Ukrainian media and expert organizations dealing with international audiences. Today it integrates over 150 experts and journalists from over 100 institutions worldwide.

From the Ukrainian side the group engaged key organizations dealing with international audiences: Hromadske, StopFake, Ukraine Crisis Media Centre, Internews Ukraine, Ukraine Today, International Renaissance Foundation, Institute for World Policy, Euromaidan Press, etc.


International side is represented by a number of organisations including Chatham House, Atlantic Council, StratCom at European External Action Service, European Council on Foreign Relations, German Council on Foreign Relations, Carnegie Foundation, EU Institute for Security Studies, as well as Le Monde, FAZ, The Economist, BBC, Reuters and others.


Full list of members is available here:

For additional information please contact Vitalii Rybak:



mobile: ‎+38 063 130 57 56

tel/fax: +38 044 458 44 40