The second phase of the “Accurately reflecting the Ukraine – European Union Association Agreement in Ukrainian media” project was launched!

On the 22nd of May, 2017 Solidarity Fund PL in cooperation with NGOs Internews-Ukraine and Tovarystvo Leva conducted the first kick-off meeting with the participants which marked the beginning of the second phase of the “Accurately reflecting the Ukraine – European Union Association Agreement in Ukrainian media” project. The project will continue to contribute to the development of regional media’s capability to highlight the issues concerning the EU-Ukraine relations, implementation of the AA, European integration and European values. Moreover, the project anticipates the financial support of regional media, in order they could cover and highlight the European topic within the regional context.

60 journalists, correspondents and editors will take part in the new phase of the project. All of them are the representatives of TV, radio, online and printed regional media. 28 participants took part in the first phase of the project, and thanks to their dynamic activity they got a chance to participate in the second phase. The majority of the participants came from the Eastern regions of Ukraine. Such media representation will facilitate regular covering the regional aspects of reforms, which are supported by the EU, the implementation of the AA and Ukraine’s integration into the EU within the framework of regional context.

During the meeting Izabella Chruślińska, head of the project, Program Officer of Solidarity Fund PL, presented a brief overview of the project components and project team. You can have a look at the plans and components of the second phase of the project here:



Opening speech had Dan Ryan, Deputy Director of the Office of Democracy & Governance US Agency for International Development – Ukraine (USAID). He emphasized the necessity of effective communicating of every transformational process in Ukraine, and its unbiased and impersonal media coverage. 

Therefore, during next two years participants will take part in the process of more effective communicating of European integration topic. The project will provide regular press-briefings with the representatives of Government Office for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration in order to monitor the implementation of the Strategy of communicating Ukraine's European integration and better understanding of the concept of the EU-Ukraine relations by journalists.

One more communicating instrument is the production and publication of EU-related analytical and informational materials. Materials will be produced by the participants of the project with the assistance of the project experts, mentor’s support and project database, consisting of infographics, explainers, success stories and motivation videos. 

The other important project component is stipends competition. All participants will be able to apply for a competition and get the financial support to realize their journalistic project.

Furthermore, 10 specialized workshops are foreseen for the participants. They will get the information about more accurate and complex reflecting of EU-related topics, namely the connection between the European integration process and reforms in Ukraine, Brexit, migration crisis etc. 

During the orientation meeting, all participants had an opportunity to raise questions, introduce themselves and their media, get acquainted with each other, project team and donors.

Photos from the event are available here:


Detailed information about the project you can find here:


The second phase of the “Accurately reflecting the Ukraine – European Union Association Agreement in Ukrainian media” project is implemented by Solidarity Fund PL in cooperation with two Ukrainian NGOs “Internews Ukraine” and Tovarystvo Leva. The project is funded by US Agency for International Development (USAID) and Support for Democracy program, financed with the Polish development cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland.

If you have any questions or need further information, please contact the project team:

Izabella Chruślińska, Solidarity Fund PL, e-mail:

Nataliia Rudenko, Internews-Ukraine, tel.: 093 567 00 85, e-mail:

Olga Sushytska, Internews-Ukraine, tel.: 067 243 63 55, e-mail:

Andrii Nechyporuk, Tovarystvo Leva, tel.: 093 567 00 85, e-mail: