Conference “Media support European changes in Ukraine” took place in Kyiv

On the 21st of February Solidarity Fund PL in cooperation with NGOs “Internews Ukraine” and Tovarystvo Leva ran the final conference of the Accurately Reflecting the Ukraine – European Union Association Agreement in Ukrainian Media” project.

The final and conclusive conference gave a chance to participants to sum up the results of the project, listen to the experts and share their impressions and thoughts about the project with their colleagues. Successful cases of communicating European integration of Ukraine in regional media were also presented at the conference. Regional journalists shared their practical experience in covering the EU-Ukraine Association agreement topics. Together with the experts, they discussed the role of media in covering such topics as Ukrainian business entering the EU markets, development strategy for Ukraine within the context of European integration, current changes and reforms.

Nevertheless, the event wasn’t just a conclusion of the project, within the framework of which, among others, the Strategy for communicating European integration in Ukraine was developed. In practice, it’s the start of  implementation the Strategy’s goals. Constant and close cooperation between Ukrainian governmental authorities, international partners, civil society and media definitely will help this process.

John Pennell, USAID/Ukraine Deputy Mission Director and Olga Stefanishyna Deputy Director of the Government Office for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration made opening speech and welcomed the importance of project prolongation and promoting the overall communicating of European integration in Ukraine.


Approximately 60 people took part in the event. Among others there were editors and journalists of regional media, who participated in project activities such as trainings, workshops, competitions, grant programmes, educational visits, ect.  Representatives of Kyiv mass media, international and non-governmental organizations also attended the conference.

Key experts who shared their knowledge and skills during the project’s workshops and trainings were also invited to attend the conference. Once more, they presented and summarized their vision of development programmes, changes and reforms within the context of European integration.


The conference consisted of two parts. During the first one, main project issues were summarized (the significance of EU Association Agreement and the importance of its accurate reflecting, media role in the process of European changes in Ukraine, development strategies for the country and their communicating approaches). Furthermore, the important topic for discussion was the question of entering the EU markets. Business experts and consultants in international export together with the participants discussed the importance of covering the successful business cases in Ukrainian mass media.

In the second part of the conference, the role of speakers played the participants of the project, journalists and editors of regional mass media. They have presented their successful practices of communicating the subject of eurointegration produced while participation in the project activities.


Moreover, at the final conference the participants obtained the handbook and disc with the examples of the best cases of covering the topic of European integration of Ukraine in regional mass media. In this handbook, you can find the best materials prepared by the participants of grant programme, and the materials of the competition participants. The handbook will be a great guide for those who want to learn the approaches to cover the subject of European integration, implementation of EU-Ukraine Association agreement, adopting the European standards. Besides, that will help to distribute the information more effectively and cover bigger audience. To download the online copy (in Ukrainian) please click here:




Exactly due to the skills and knowledges which our participants obtained at the workshops and trainings it was possible to produce such successful cases. Every grant programme and competition gave a great opportunity to journalists and editors.

Participants of the conference could recall the most prominent moments of the project observing the photo exhibition. The photos of participants and organizers, interesting and curious facts about the project you can also check out here:



Pictures from the conference:


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